Why visit a medical herbalist?

People come to see a herbalist for a number of reasons. A full consultation allows patients to discuss not only their current symptoms, but also their medical history and possible causes. Sometimes, herbal medicine can help treat a condition which has not responded to drugs, and there are generally fewer side effects than with pharmaceutical medicine.  Many people prefer to take a more natural form of medicine, and some are also confused about the wide variety of over-the-counter herbal medicine, and want advice from a qualified practitioner.

How are medical herbalists trained?

Medical herbalists study for several years at university level, and most herbalists have a BSc in Herbal Medicine. This includes several hundred hours of practical clinical work, taking consultations, examining patients and dispensing medicines.

What conditions can herbal medicine help with?

Most of the conditions that patients present to their GP also respond well to herbal medicine. Further information can be found here:


Medical herbalists are trained to know if it is appropriate to refer a patient’s condition to the GP. For more information follow this link:


Is it safe? Can I take herbs with my GP’s prescription drugs?

Any medicine which has a therapeutic effect may potentially have side effects, but herbalists are aware of these and can make the best choice to suit the individual. Herbal medicine is generally safe, provided the correct dosage is followed. You can often take herbal medicine while you are taking drugs prescribed by your GP, and medical herbalists are trained in pharmacology and are able to check for possible interactions.

How are the herbs dispensed, and where are they from?

Herbs are generally dispensed in the form of a tincture, or whole plant extract in alcohol. Several different tinctures are usually prescribed. If preferred, dried herbs are also available, which are made into a tea. Lotions or creams can be made up for topical use. I obtain all my tinctures and dried herbs from reputable UK suppliers, and where possible the herbs are grown organically in this country. No animal products are used.